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Are you feeling laziness about your job and personal life? Does the experience of tediousness make you tired and unexcited? Have you tired with work? No matter why you feeling boredom and unmotivated. You can easily promote your personal growth and motivate yourself. In this blog, we will discuss about personal growth and development in work and life together. Here are several steps that need to follow, you will feel motivate and excites.Jobsdhamaka

Spend Sometimes on Exercise:

If you want to develop or promote your motivation level or personal growth, you will need to spend your time on some easy exercises. Your invested time will enable you to highlight your positive and possible things of your life. Several tips will help you maintain your motivation and growth together.

  • Make a list of things that you would like to do in your entire life. These lists may a couple of hundreds items. Your selected lifestyle must allow the accomplishment of your dreams that you want to fulfill.
  • Pen down your most favorite activities, without which you don’t like. No life choice is suitable for your unless you don’t enjoy with your favorite activities at least weekly or everyday.
  • Remember of a moment when you felt more positively and enjoyed. What has changed today? List all those things that is different from today. Perhaps you will get outlook into what is reason of your dissatisfaction. You can change the issues that produce unhappiness.
  • Rarely spend your time alone and think about your negative time. purpose to shares this article, this will help you be positive while tired from work and life.

JobsdhamakaIf you want to find job today and start immediately, then it might be difficult task for you. No matter “ what’s the reason behind looking for immediate job”? Making quick job decision or urgency of searching new job can be tough for you. It’s also depending on your qualification, experience, expertise and type of jobs, the procedure of finding new career opportunity may involve contacting multiple employers and searching jobs on various employment portals. However, you can use simple strategies to speed up your job search.

Here are a few tips to find job immediately:

Check online job portals like,, and post your resume. Some job boards provide quick response to registered users. Update your resume on regular basis and apply for jobs, which match to your skills, education and field. Complete your profile on each job portal for quick shortliting.

Networking is also most important for immediate jobs. So that connect to your co-workers, professionals and experts who are associated with your area of work.

Use social media ( Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc) as a job searching and professional networking tools. Post on your walls that you are looking for new job opportunity and mention that you want to start immediately. Often co-workers and friends inform someone about open position.

Visit and participate job fairs in your city, here you can find a number of employers who may accept your applications and conduct face-to-face round on the spot. In job fairs you can find multiple employers who offer various types of jobs.

Such way you can find immediate jobs that you want to land quickly.

JobsdhamakaDeveloping a career strategy is one of the best things for your future, if you really want to be successful. You can focus on the things that want to achieve and follow the way of accomplishments.

A career plan or strategy is developed through a series of career goals. Once you create your targeted goals, you can create the path that you have already developed. But, before start to create an achievable career plans, you will need to understand the basic of developing a career strategy. Here tell you a few most important things that you need to consider while developing a career plan.


Education is one of the first goals that you need to determine before making a career plan. Your basic and professional education lays the foundation of your career plan. Therefore, ask that firstly you need to develop ongoing educational goals to ensure you are able to reach the each level of your career.


Locality is also one of the vital parts of your career goal, which is preferable to individuals who want to be successful. So choose the location that suit to your physical and mental health. You can choose the location that helps you advance your career.


Salary is also most important parts of any career, because it’s related to your finance and without getting a good remuneration per month, you cannot achieve your goals.

Company Profile

This depends on your interests and choice of employers that what type of companies you want to work for. You must choose the employers who offer both learning and annual growth of employees.

JobsdhamakaJob searching isn’t means apply for a job or get interview calls from employer or recruiters. It’s quite tough for fresher or unemployed job seekers who don’t have knowledge about latest job market or don’t aware with current hiring trends. The successful job searchers always utilize different types of job search strategies to get stand out from the crowd.

A job search strategy can expedite your search techniques, networking etc. Plan with professional CV, cover letters, social networking and job search strategies, an individual can find right and high paid jobs in reputed firms.

Here are a few tips for job strategies that help you grab the right opportunity:

Stand Out from the Crowd

As an ideal job seeker, you should stand out from the crowd while searching a job in the current job market. will help your profile instant shortlisted by recruiters and you will get interview calls.

Search Jobs Using Keywords

Searching jobs with keywords in search engines can help you find suitable matches to your profile and work criteria. Narrowing your search strategies can save your more time and find suitable matches. You can use skills keywords for save your time and find most suitable jobs matching to your profile.

Create a Professional Your Resume and Cover Letter

It is most important to create professional resume and cover letter, before applying or searching for jobs. Upload a well-written CV to job portals and social media platforms. This will help you find more interview calls from trusted employers.

Using Professional Networking

Networking is still on the top of job search or referral jobs, if you want to find high paid jobs anywhere. Connect with professionals and experts, who have already strong networking. will helpful in searching right career opportunities.

JobsdhamakaIt is natural to be disheartened or discouraged during the job search, generally, if you are fresher or unemployed and searching jobs for a long time. But, it is advisable to remain positive while looking for new opportunity. will help you motivate and continue your job search for long time. Your positive attitude can increase the chances of landing opportunities than disheartened. This will motivate you making a strong first impression on employer.

Here are tips to remain positive and enthusiastic during the job search.

Create a Daily Report on Job Search

Creating a daily routine for job search will keep you stay updated, wake up early and finish your job search before dinner. This will help you be focused on job search.

Never Be Disheartened During the Job Search

Always keep in mind that negative attitude or be disheartened while searching jobs can stop you get lucrative opportunity. It is advisable to be positive during the job search.

Focus on Social Networking

Having a strong social networking will help you stay update and share your thoughts with others. A social networking with friends and expert professionals on the World-Wide-Web will help you be motivated and increase your interests in job hunting.


Helping to others is one of the best ways to keep you self-driven and motivated. Search volunteer that is associated with your personal interests or career. They can also offer you more opportunity for professional networking.

Join Job Forum and Club

Join job forums or clubs will offer you support to discuss with experts and professionals. A forum can help you stay on top while searching jobs.

Before going for interview, you must review the most common interview questions you will most likely be asked. You should review some sample answers and advice of experts on how to respond these common interview questions.

Here are several questions and advice to prepare for interview:

1  Tell me something about yourself?

Ans: This is most common question asked by recruiters. When you going for interview guess what would be first question? It must be “Introduction” or “Tell me something about yourself”? You must focus on your skills, education and achievement etc. The answer of this question will be first impression on employer, so you must be careful.

2    Why should we select you?

Ans Advice: This question is often asked by interviewers, the purpose of this question is “What makes you the best suitable for the open position?” Your answer for this question should be concise and in sales pitch” that express what you have to offer the employer.

3   Why you want to leave your current organization?

Answer Advice: This question is also most important for candidates, so you must prepare the best answer for leaving your current position. You should focus on your interview answer and confidently reply to interviewer. There are a number of reasons for change current organization and looking for new one. But you must prepare for best suitable answer.

There are also some more important questions that you need to respond such as:

  1. What is your greatest strength and weakness?
  1. How do you handle stress and pressure?
  1. Describe a difficult work situation / project and how you overcame it.

Most Common Interview Questions and Answers to visits

Job specific interview questions are asked to monitor the candidate’s skill set and ability to perform their duties for the particular position. Generally, the recruiter wants to know about skills and expertise for the open position. These types of specific interview questions are essential for hire technical persons, where company needs expert candidates who can handle the process himself/herself. They no need any training or guide, but they able to manage entire job role and responsibilities own self.

The candidates need to respond about their goal that show, you are suitable for the particular position out of all the applicants the hiring manager is interviewing. Besides the candidates skills, recruiter want to know whether you have the exact mindset for the open position and able to help company’s achievement.

Here are several important tips to answering the specific interview questions:

  • Check the Job Duty and Requirements- Before going for interview, you should check the job role, responsibilities and requirements that listed in job post by employers. Make a list of desired skills mentioned by employers.
  • Focus on your specific skills during the interview that you know how to do by giving some examples of your previous or present job. When you respond correctly with your job experiences and roles, the interviewer will satisfy with your answer.
  • Showcase your specific skills that required to employer. The interview will associate with your mentioned skills in resume and employer’s demand. Be sure your skill exactly matches to the open position.
  • Be honest during the face-to-face round, so that recruiter can believe on you. Never try to give false information or confuse to hiring manager.

Tips for specific interview questions to visits

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