If you have tired or sick of depeding on others for career growth, then it will be better for your future. No matter why you want to be independant, you hate your job, poor salary or bad boss, you can take ownership of your career. It’s great but, where you start ? Here are a few things that help you start a new career today.

Create a list of the things you are excellent at :

Make a list of your best skills, accomplishments, your qualities. Pay attention on things that you have selected, and consider that you can do properly. Thinks like an employer, who handle their business ownself. Rocognizing and arranging such things can help you be a popular brand in the market.

Be Proactive

In jobsdhamaka point of view, if you want to start your own work then need to stop being reactive. Be proactive and responsible while working jobsdhamakawith your clients. You no need to waiting for your boss promotion or waiting for recruiters to find a new opportunity. You can generate opportunities yourself and become your own boss. Now, you need to do everything yourself.

Instead of, prepare for a meeting with your boss, you need to target to employees. This will help you increasing your self-confidence.


To start your own career , you will need to make new friends through various social networking sites. You can take help from career consulting companies such as jobsdhamaka, timesjobs etc. Go through social media sites like Linkedin, Facebook etc, they will help you find professional friends. Now you can discuss with domain experts through chat or mail.

Find a job can be difficult task, if you are just depend on posting resume on online job portals or apply through them. But if you are working with a reputed recruitment agency, then they can offer you lucrative opportunities and help you grab the job quickly.

The reality is that several jobs never posted or available on job portals, they may be find through your network, consultant or friends. If you are able to reach your network immediately through various sources like friends and social networking.

Tips to grab the job opportunities instantly

Optimize Your Social Media Profile

Most recruiters or employers are seeking for talent through social media sites specially on Linkedin, So if you don’t have a professional profile Jobsdhamakaon Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter, then create immediately. Try to get help from consultants or recruitment agencies, they will assist you creating a unique profile on social media pages. Optimize your profile with keywords that meet recruiters need. Find expert help to create profile according to SEO guidelines, Your keywords must match to recruiters skills in search engine.

Activate LinkedIn Groups

After join Linkedin, make a groups ro join groups, communities that meet to your needs and requirements. When you hire a recruitment agency like jobsdhamaka, then your profile will showcase with expertise and strengths mentioned by you.

Get Recommendations

The profile with 20 recommendations will be called immediately. So, you need to spend time on Linkedin.

Add Multiple Skills for Endorsements

Adding multiple skills for endorsements will help you grab the minds of recruiters instantly.

When it comes to thinking about our common life and entrepreneurial skill, then they are much more differ. A common man who always busy in their work and communities, probably think about a new idea or taking a risk. But in the business, scientific research or market, often people considered on new ideas.

An entrepreneurial skill and innovative mind keep you stand out from the crowd. We often found that an employee focus on the everyday life and looking for get benefited from their work. But with entrepreneurial skill an individual generates an idea to achieve unexpected growth.

Instead of waiting for more resources or help, work as an entrepreneur. According to Jobsdhamakajobsdhamaka research and development team, the definition of entrepreneur is changing, now an individual can start their business along with doing their job. There are many resources and ideas available on the World Wide Web. A few people who start their business with an innovative idea or new definition, they find new change and opportunities to fulfil them.

When you look at entrepreneurs while working, then there is much more space for entrepreneurial mind. Generally, most individuals are increasingly searching what is entrepreneurship. The people who already associated with today’s organizations are familiar with such word. They clearly know the changed definition of entrepreneur. With an eye towards new concepts or ideas or thinking as an entrepreneur, one can change their ideology at work. You can set up yourself as a leader at work.

Jobsdhamaka Tips for monitoring your work environment:

If you are going to launch a new program or steps on an innovative idea, analyze the level of entrepreneurship where you are working. Keep your one eye on employees how others perform and acts in your organization, which type of projects or works liked by Managers or leaders. Ensure that you must be one of them. Give your advise on every project while working with co-workers. When you generate new ideas with amazing results there, you will be praised by your co-workers. Your concept and idea should be clear and able to be more productive than others. Such things will help you be more entrepreneurial at your work place.

We often hear from hiring managers and recruiters about stand out from the crowd. They advice that candidates should tailor their CV/resume and cover letters to express the employer requirements and what you offer for them. Certainly, this is easier said but difficult to do. In the procedure of trying to highlight, skills, and job responsibilities, experienced, personality and more. How do you focus on your market value or selling without feeling that you are selling yourself. How can you monitor that particular job is suitable for you. Related Post: Sure Fire Tips to Advance Your Career in a New City

How to present yourself to recruiters and how wisely use your skills to guide your search. Jobsdhamaka tips will help you do everything related Jobsdhamakato job search, interview and how to stand out from crowd. We often post blogs related to career advise for job seekers. Most of them benefited from our daily or weekly posts. Now job searchers and employers can find their right match. Our effort towards bridge the gap between employee and employers are very helpful for them.

In the survey of jobsdhamaka, As an ideal candidates, you need to follow the rules such as creating a professional resume and cover letter, interview preparation and strategy to land a high paid job. The candidates who want to stand out from the crowd of job seekers need to follow these tips step by step. We are sure, they will successful in reach their goal. There are a few jobs available in the market instead of available candidates. To find yourself out of crowd, you need to build a personal brand in the market.

In the other hand, if you want to grab the high paid job opportunities with some of the potential employers within your locality or other cities, then such concept will certainly increase your chances of winning the job. There are a few opportunities available in the market, which offers good salary packages and other facilities to candidates but they hire to those who stand out from the crowd of job seekers. The expert team of recruiters at jobsdhamaka advises that a job seeker who want to find lucrative opportunity or salary growth then they must have a professional CV and cover letter to make an impression on employers.

Are you stuck in the wrong career path? Follow these tips to find a new opportunity:

Highlight your targeted task that you want to do, there are so various types of jobs available to choose from and you can consider one of themJobsdhamaka - Pot Resume that meet to your needs and interests. If you’re considering on options and not sure where you need to focus your efforts. You can choose methods that help your career. Jobsdhamaka advices about career show that it is best idea to employ such methods. These methods can take more time but they will offer you successively right information and help to grow your career.


A few methods to learn more about career and find new opportunity:


It’s a great idea to read carefully about the nature of jobs you’re going to apply or want to find. Search the organizations you want to get job there. You can go through the internet for relavant job search and upload your resume,  click on job details, work, job responsibilities and salary package etc.


Search professionals and communities who already involved in related jobs, go through social networking sites and add people. Ask for help, if they ready follow their interactions. You can also chat through various sites like Facebook, google+ etc. LinkedIn is one of the most suitable social sites for professional networking, you can join the site and add people related to your job criteria.


This is the practical method that known as face to face interaction with people. This process is most important for those who want to learn more about career task and growth.

Please Leave your Opinion or suggestion

Some of the most common mistakes in interview becomes biggest problems for job seekers. Therefore, everyone need to avoid the common mistakes during the interview.jobsdhamaka

Jobsdhamaka Advice for Avoid common mistakes during the face to face round:

  • Lack of Interview preparation: According to a survey revealed by jobsdhamaka, the lack of proper knowledge and research failure are the first mistakes that candidates need to avoid. The more you practice, the more professionally you express your answers.
  • Body language failures: A failure of body language such as staring or poor eye contact, sitting in not a proper way, bad handshake are the common recipes for lose your interview.
  • Few words answers or talking much more: Expressing wrong answers or ideas, short answers or much more long answers are not the proper way. You must have clear concept on each interview question.
  • Failure to highlight your career achievements: As an ideal candidate, you must provide examples of your past and current achievements that relavant to your career, work and job responsibilities. Your achievements focus on your market value like you are suitable candidates for open position.
  • Late arriving: If you are going for interviews, then avoid to late arriving, you must reach a few minutes ago from your schedule time. Your late coming can be an issue.
  • Dressing inappropriately: Your dress is also important for success in job interview, so dress that make an impression on interviewer.
  • Asking about salary: You should avoid to asking about salary during the interview unless interviewer can mention that issue in CV.

In the jobsdhamaka opinion, We are avoit these mistakes in interviews so don’t advoid tham and crack any interviews

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