A professional communication skill plays vital role in successful job interview. With good communication, you canJobsdhamaka make an effective impression on interviewer. You can also describe yur articulate, education and skills clearly. Know a few professional communication tips that help you crack the job interview successfully.

Try to utilize small talk

Communicating professionally using small talk is first impression on interviewer. Shake hand to your interviewer and respond clearly in a short talk. Therefore, interviewer understands your personality that how to communicate professionally.

Respond Clearly

Responding clearly in a job interview when answering the asked questions can help you make a positive impression on interviewer. A clear communication is key to win the job with potential employers.

Be Positive

Being positive can help you focus on your everyday attitudes. This will take you in positive directions.

Be Professional

 In the sense of jobsdhamaka experts, being professional will make you feel comfortable and more friendly. You must manage yourself to face the interviewer in a right manner. Always keep in mind that you are going for a professional position where you need to focus on your personality and how to present yourself in an organization.

 Leave the Interviewer to start interview

It is essential to let your interviewer start the interview where he wants to go. Don’t try to interrupt him or her or change the discussion topics. Express everything at last that help you make a final impression on him/her.

Avoid short cut

You should avoid short cut answer and speak with complete sentences. This doesn’t mean to use long words or anything.

Job interview is one of the most essential aspects of finding opportunity in an organization. Many talented andjobsdhamaka skilled job seekers are tried to crack the interview, but due to pre-planning and lack of interview skills, they are unable to achieve their goals. Interviewing is one of the learning skills, and there is no second chance to capture the mind of interviewer. Once you lose the opportunity, you may wait for a long time. However, there are a lot of opportunities available in the job market, if you have proper knowledge and experience in the same field.

A few strategies to boost your professional interview skills:

Improve Your Professional Personality

According to jobsdhamaka team, professional personality is one of the most important aspects in interview. They all about showing your traits, attributes and confidence together such as handshake, eye contact, which are known as non-verbal communication skills.

Dress Professionally

Dress for face to face interview is quite different from everyday wears. It is necessary to know what to wear in an interview, which must be well-groomed. Your dress should be match to your personality.

Be a Good Listener

Being a good listener is one of the most important non-verbal communication skills in an interview. Your interviewer may give you directly or indirectly information during the face to face round. If you are not hearing carefully, you may lost the opportunity.

Use Proper Language in Interview

It is advisable to always use professional language during the face to face round. Try to avoid any inappropriate word or slang during the interview.

Interview is one of the essential parts of finding a job in any organization, where everyone wants to stand out andInterview Tips grab the high paid opportunities. But recruiters or employers are looking for the candidates who can perform better and meet to their requirement. They want to hire the candidates with certain personality traits and long lasting performance. Either it operation, sales, finance/accounts or IT, employers are looking for the talents who can handle the job role and responsibilities easily.

A recent survey by “jobsdhamaka team” shows that new generation individuals like to work with the people who are similar or aware with their work environment: their interests, personality, beliefs, work styles and their culture etc. The ways of thinking and communication style should meet to the individuals needs and specifications. Definetely, most people likes to work the today’s star who can perform better and flow instantly. Therefore, you must perform better and shine as a star in interview. Such things will help you get shortlisted and hired immediately by recruiters.

There are also, many factors that you need to consider while going for interview or looking for new job opportunities. Showing your competence and likeability during the face to face round of interview will make you most desirable candidate amongst the crowd of job seekers. But their is challenged that how can you show your performance and abilities in interview. You must improve your communication skills along with presentation ideas and performing in interview. Every job seeker need to brush up on their interview skills and abilities.

Problem solving skills are most important for several types of jobs such as customer service, engineering and law etc. JobsdhamakaSuch skill associated with your ability to identify the problems and implement effective solutions. You may not have more work in office or at workplace, but a couple of issues relate to your subject can produce stressful situation for you.

There are many companies and fields where problem solving skills required. That is why a few people stuck when trying to solve the problem. If you have such types of job responsibilities where problem solving skills needed, you must aware with your job role and evolve an effective problem solving skill.

Jobsdhamaka team have identified a few competency that can be useful for improve your problem solving capabilities.

Plan or Strategy

You should step up and take action without asking to anyone. You look forward to chances where can make difference.


You are creative thinker and have capability to step up beyond traditional outlooks.

Critical Thinking

You can use your critical thinking capabilities to measure the problems and situation.

Decision Maker

You focus on your decision making capabilities to solve the issues. A right decision maker can spot the problem take action instantly.

Result oriented

Being result oriented people, you can expect for desired outcome by solving the issues.

As an ideal job seeker, it is necessary to go through the job description and understand the types of issues that may need to solve at workplace. Such analysis can help you find right job opportunity.

A good communication skill plays vital role anywhere. To hire the talents, most employers and recruiters may ask you to give a presentation about your job role, education and interests.

Research and development professionals at jobsdhamaka believe that a clear communication directly impacts to income and career growth. There are a huge number ofJobsdhamaka aspirants seeking for jobs, so, it is advisable to feel free and confident about sharing your communication, especially in interviews. As a job seeker, you will always need face interview stage when you looking for job in organizations. The employers or recruiters will ask you to present your skills and achievements. There are several fields such as clients handling, sales, training or teaching, where candidates need to prepare a presentation that will be required to presents during the face to face round of interview. However, recruiters should not expect a professional presentation about job achievements or skills to fresh graduate candidates. There is only possibility to ask a little about your education and area of interests. They also may ask to provide, what can you do for us.

Here are a few tips to prepare a professional presentation:

Select the appropriate presentation

It is essential to select the presentation you can easily speak or present. You will need to prepare a programme that guides the procedure of presentation. Prepare a good presentation can help you express hassle-free to interviewers.

Choose a clear structure

A clear structure on presentation can boost your confidence and performance together. Each part of presentation should be met to professional goals.

With the advancement in technology, the job search and recruitment has become easier than past days. Now job seekers can easily search jobsdhamaka.comsuitable jobs to their profile in search engines, social networking sites and job boards. The availability of major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc), social networking sites (Linkedin, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc) and a number of job portals has changed the process of recruitment and job search over the Internet.

The recruiters are now using search engines and social networking sites for talent search, instead of going to pay for candidates databases to job portals. Therefore, your strong visibility on social networking sites like Linkedin and search engines Google, Yahoo etc can increase the chances of getting shortlisted by recruiters.

Your professional profile on Google top ten results matter much more than ever. Recruiters can easily search your profile on Google or Linkedin.

But keep in mind that the resume/CV is used mostly for shortlisting process or screening where right decisions are made after face to face round. Recruiters are only scan resumes in brief because they don’t have extra time to spend on a single profile. That’s why most resumes are created in two pages.

Having social media professional profile is also necessary, if you do not have a good profile on Linkedin and Facebook then you may face trouble during the job search. Jobsdhamaka career experts advise that candidates who looking for career change or growth, they must have social profile on Linkedin, Twitter and facebook etc.

No matter, what are you doing over the Internet, it is visible to everyone. All the posts on social networking sites like twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin about your current jobjobsdhamaka role, commenting status on Facebook or Follow blogs on Linkedin or Google Plus can see to everyone. These types of facilities are also available for recruiters and employers, they can simply view candidates activities on these social networking sites. Your mistakes or wrong activities on social sites can ruin your networking value or reputation on the World Wide Web. With the rise of social sites like Linkedin, your professional identity can make a strong publicity over the Internet. Having a professional profile on Linkedin can lead a lucrative career opportunity for you. Recruiters can easily search and judge to your profile. To keep your online reputation, you must avoid some of the common mistakes on the World Wide Web.

Be Proud Yourself-Jobsdhamaka

According to jobsdhamaka research team, many people often use social networking sites to highlights their positive and negative thoughts such as they posts on Facebook, and Linkedin or Google Plus. Twitter is also used by today youths on regular basis. Having a strong identity on Social platform can proud yourself as a Gentleman.

Remove your old identity and start fresh

It’s time to remove or delete your very old history that may be trouble for your professional identity. The recruiters or people can find your entire activities in search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. You should completely delete your past history on the World Wide Web and start a fresh profile where, you would like.

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