Being an investigator in job search is not tough task for job seekers, it can be easily done by keeping one eye on various job boards and social platforms. There are a lot of global resources available over the internet. One can easily investigate and job search by registering on these job portals.

With the advent of latest technology and modern resources searching job and communicating to corporate professionals has become much jobsdhamakamore easier than past. Compare the time when there was no resources for job search or communicating to people over the mobile or internet. Those days, people were searching job through news paper or references.

For job seekers, the great quantities of data available on various jobsdhamaka. Now they can search their job as an investigator to find right opportunities and annual growth. As a job search investigator, you must select the some of the top employers you want to work for. There are a number of potential employers available and they open hiring process for whole year.

According to, there are also a lot of reasons that attracts most job seekers to work for a particular company or brand. Such as, company culture, pay package, products and services are something that like by most people. Suppose that you are a fan of a company products or services. You like the company culture too. Then you must like to work with such brand or employer. You can apply through the help of job boards or consultants or going through the company website.

Your resume is one of the most important assets for getting shortlisted by recruiters. It should be well-written and design along with well jobsdhamakasearching option. In the survey The recruiters always search resume/CV by using specific keywords such as functional areas, company name or designation. Having specific keywords associated with job role, area of expertise and brand name at right place in CV/resume can help you attain top 10 in search results. When recruiters will try to search candidates by these keywords, they reach to your CV first than other job seekers. The chances of shortlisting will increase itself because your resume view by most recruiters or consultants.

As jobsdhamaka experts know that most recruiters/consultants are searching candidates profile and resume using particular keywords. Your CV must have some of the specific keywords that searched by most recruiters and hiring managers. Resumes or CVs are also read by two different ways by viewers. The first is manually and the next one by automated tracking system(ATS). The recruiters and human resource professionals are used scanning system to collect resume from various sources. They also use some of the specific keywords to search these resumes or CVs on the World Wide Web.

Jobsdhamaka tips for choosing these keywords:

Researching keywords in Resume

There are many resources where you can search keywords relavant to your job profile and area of expertise such as job portals, social networking sites etc.

Braninstorming your keywords in resume

Suppose that your resume/CV is hidden in computer then you need to scan first to find it. They also can be searched by using keyword first letter.

Do you know common interview questions that ask by most recruiters? If your answer is not, you are not a single job seeker. There are many job seekers who don’t aware with day-to-day interview questions asking by interviewers. Here are a few simple questions shortlisted by jobsdhamaka team for job seekers.jobsdhamaka

What’s your greatest achievement at work?

The main goal of interviewer is to know more about candidates value and he/she thinking about important aspects. It’s also highlights the candidates thoughts and achievement at work.

Tell me more about a time when you had to solved major problems that stood in the way to your goal.

Through this question, interviewers want to attain the clear picture of applicant’s previous performance at workplace. They want to get information about candidate’s problem solving style and decision making capability at work. You can also know about his/her behaviour and interaction with collegues.

Describe the work environment that will be suitable for better performance?

In this question, recruiters try to know about candidates that the present work environment is suitable for them. The applicant’s response helps the recruiter determine their cultural fit.

What are the first three things that you would like to do, if you have selected?

Interviwer wants to collect the information about the applicant deems important, their knowledge about requirements and candidates current outlooks on new situation.

What oversight and interaction would your boss provide?

The recruiters want to know that how much self-confidence and decision making capability the candidate has.

For more interview questions and details please visit

Hiring the right candidates for your company can be challenging task for most recruiters. In the other hand, if you hire wrong person at workplace then it can be expensive and time consuming. According to jobsdhamaka recruitment team- to hire the right candidates for your organization can be hectic but not impossible. You should monitor the ideology and trends of talented job seekers and work accordingly. JobsdhamakaLucrative salary packages, successful employment relationship and positive feedpack of employees can change the work environment of organization.

Having right employees can enhance your work environment and produce more revenue for your organization. Most talented candidates are always focus on quality, so it can be much more beneficial for your company.

Explain the Details Before Hire Talents

To hire the right candidates starts with a job monitoring. This enables you to get information about the job role, required skills, responsibilities and work environment of the organization. The details about job role and responsibilities are fundament right for job seekers. They have right to know about company and job role before apply for the position.

Make a proper strategy for recruitment

If you want to hire or looking for right candidates to open position within your organization, then you must make a proper strategy for hire new employees. A prior plan and right job posting can help you find the right person at right time.

You can use checklist of hiring process:

As an ideal recruiter, you can use proper checklist for hiring the right candidates for your organization. According to recruitment experts, having proper knowledge and ideas can help you find talents for your company.

According to a latest survey by on “attitude”, we found that an ideal job seeker must have some of the positive attitudes Jobsdhamakaduring the interview. Most employers and recruiters are often cared about candidates’ attitude in the interview. We discover that how decision-makers consider on the concept of personal or official attitudes. Now today, if we hire new candidates, then what attitudes, a job seeker should demonstrate at interview. How can he take benefit from their attitude?

The process of interviewing is the best opportunity offer by employers for demonstrating your skills, attitude, expertise, personality and knowledge, etc. You can make a great impression on the recruiter. It is very essential to know proper attitude and skills that meet to employers current requirement.

You must have aware with questions about attitude, asking by interviewers in an interview. Besides common interview questions, the interviewers often ask motivation and interests related questions. You must prepare for simply answer these questions.

The Jobsdhamaka survey report shows that recruiters want to hire the candidates who has good attitudes.

Here are a few important points that need to care about:

  • How do you revert to new opportunities? “The attitude employers looking for is exciting and can-do.
  • Describe your track record of facing new challenges at work place. According to jobshdmaka he or she probes for either the job seeker asked for more challenges.
  • Are you willing to learn new things?

As a perfect candidate, you must have all these qualities and attitude to get successes in an interview.

If you have tired or sick of depeding on others for career growth, then it will be better for your future. No matter why you want to be independant, you hate your job, poor salary or bad boss, you can take ownership of your career. It’s great but, where you start ? Here are a few things that help you start a new career today.

Create a list of the things you are excellent at :

Make a list of your best skills, accomplishments, your qualities. Pay attention on things that you have selected, and consider that you can do properly. Thinks like an employer, who handle their business ownself. Rocognizing and arranging such things can help you be a popular brand in the market.

Be Proactive

In jobsdhamaka point of view, if you want to start your own work then need to stop being reactive. Be proactive and responsible while working jobsdhamakawith your clients. You no need to waiting for your boss promotion or waiting for recruiters to find a new opportunity. You can generate opportunities yourself and become your own boss. Now, you need to do everything yourself.

Instead of, prepare for a meeting with your boss, you need to target to employees. This will help you increasing your self-confidence.


To start your own career , you will need to make new friends through various social networking sites. You can take help from career consulting companies such as jobsdhamaka, timesjobs etc. Go through social media sites like Linkedin, Facebook etc, they will help you find professional friends. Now you can discuss with domain experts through chat or mail.

Find a job can be difficult task, if you are just depend on posting resume on online job portals or apply through them. But if you are working with a reputed recruitment agency, then they can offer you lucrative opportunities and help you grab the job quickly.

The reality is that several jobs never posted or available on job portals, they may be find through your network, consultant or friends. If you are able to reach your network immediately through various sources like friends and social networking.

Tips to grab the job opportunities instantly

Optimize Your Social Media Profile

Most recruiters or employers are seeking for talent through social media sites specially on Linkedin, So if you don’t have a professional profile Jobsdhamakaon Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter, then create immediately. Try to get help from consultants or recruitment agencies, they will assist you creating a unique profile on social media pages. Optimize your profile with keywords that meet recruiters need. Find expert help to create profile according to SEO guidelines, Your keywords must match to recruiters skills in search engine.

Activate LinkedIn Groups

After join Linkedin, make a groups ro join groups, communities that meet to your needs and requirements. When you hire a recruitment agency like jobsdhamaka, then your profile will showcase with expertise and strengths mentioned by you.

Get Recommendations

The profile with 20 recommendations will be called immediately. So, you need to spend time on Linkedin.

Add Multiple Skills for Endorsements

Adding multiple skills for endorsements will help you grab the minds of recruiters instantly.

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