A good communication skill plays vital role anywhere. To hire the talents, most employers and recruiters may ask you to give a presentation about your job role, education and interests.

Research and development professionals at jobsdhamaka believe that a clear communication directly impacts to income and career growth. There are a huge number ofJobsdhamaka aspirants seeking for jobs, so, it is advisable to feel free and confident about sharing your communication, especially in interviews. As a job seeker, you will always need face interview stage when you looking for job in organizations. The employers or recruiters will ask you to present your skills and achievements. There are several fields such as clients handling, sales, training or teaching, where candidates need to prepare a presentation that will be required to presents during the face to face round of interview. However, recruiters should not expect a professional presentation about job achievements or skills to fresh graduate candidates. There is only possibility to ask a little about your education and area of interests. They also may ask to provide, what can you do for us.

Here are a few tips to prepare a professional presentation:

Select the appropriate presentation

It is essential to select the presentation you can easily speak or present. You will need to prepare a programme that guides the procedure of presentation. Prepare a good presentation can help you express hassle-free to interviewers.

Choose a clear structure

A clear structure on presentation can boost your confidence and performance together. Each part of presentation should be met to professional goals.

With the advancement in technology, the job search and recruitment has become easier than past days. Now job seekers can easily search jobsdhamaka.comsuitable jobs to their profile in search engines, social networking sites and job boards. The availability of major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc), social networking sites (Linkedin, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc) and a number of job portals has changed the process of recruitment and job search over the Internet.

The recruiters are now using search engines and social networking sites for talent search, instead of going to pay for candidates databases to job portals. Therefore, your strong visibility on social networking sites like Linkedin and search engines Google, Yahoo etc can increase the chances of getting shortlisted by recruiters.

Your professional profile on Google top ten results matter much more than ever. Recruiters can easily search your profile on Google or Linkedin.

But keep in mind that the resume/CV is used mostly for shortlisting process or screening where right decisions are made after face to face round. Recruiters are only scan resumes in brief because they don’t have extra time to spend on a single profile. That’s why most resumes are created in two pages.

Having social media professional profile is also necessary, if you do not have a good profile on Linkedin and Facebook then you may face trouble during the job search. Jobsdhamaka career experts advise that candidates who looking for career change or growth, they must have social profile on Linkedin, Twitter and facebook etc.

No matter, what are you doing over the Internet, it is visible to everyone. All the posts on social networking sites like twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin about your current jobjobsdhamaka role, commenting status on Facebook or Follow blogs on Linkedin or Google Plus can see to everyone. These types of facilities are also available for recruiters and employers, they can simply view candidates activities on these social networking sites. Your mistakes or wrong activities on social sites can ruin your networking value or reputation on the World Wide Web. With the rise of social sites like Linkedin, your professional identity can make a strong publicity over the Internet. Having a professional profile on Linkedin can lead a lucrative career opportunity for you. Recruiters can easily search and judge to your profile. To keep your online reputation, you must avoid some of the common mistakes on the World Wide Web.

Be Proud Yourself-Jobsdhamaka

According to jobsdhamaka research team, many people often use social networking sites to highlights their positive and negative thoughts such as they posts on Facebook, and Linkedin or Google Plus. Twitter is also used by today youths on regular basis. Having a strong identity on Social platform can proud yourself as a Gentleman.

Remove your old identity and start fresh

It’s time to remove or delete your very old history that may be trouble for your professional identity. The recruiters or people can find your entire activities in search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. You should completely delete your past history on the World Wide Web and start a fresh profile where, you would like.

JobsdhamakaVideo interview has become most necessary aspects of today’s recruitment. Most recruiters like to hire candidates on the basis of video interviews instead of taking multiple rounds of face-to-face interview. It has changed over the years, as new-edge technologies offers a number of advance hiring tools and tips. Video interview is also the parts of advanced technology, where recruiters can simply hire the talents.

According to jobsdhamaka experts, If you believe that emailing or posting your resumes are the process of finding jobs, then you are not at right place. However, hiring process starts from emailing applications or applying for open job position. Email hits best source of communication, either its recruitment or business while videos take over the entire corporate world. From informational videos to promotional “Youtube Videos” about products and services or businesses are most powerful visual aids on the World Wide Web.

Here are a few tips for Prepare your Video Interveiws:

 Make Practice for right responses

 You should make hard practice on common interview questions, however most recruiters or interviewers have some unique set of questions for different profiles. You may not know what exactly they will ask, so you need to prepare some common questions asked by most interviewers. Preapre a few questions about your area of expertise.

Grooming Yourself

Before going for video interview, you must dress properly and grooming yourself. Above to your waist, you must wear a nice shirt.

 Look at the camera

During the video interview, you should look at the camera, not at the screen of your system. The interviewer may try to a good eye contact with you.

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Most job seekers have gone through updated their resume and cover letters on various job boards and polish their Social networking profiles like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook etc. But jobsdhamakaaccording to they usually frustrated because they do not get sufficient interview calls from potential employers or recruiters. Sometimes it needs fresh and clean presentation that appealing to employers. If you are unable to find sufficient interview calls from employers, then here are a few tips to get your foot in the door of potential employers.

Get Engaged

Today’s employers looking for candidates or hire graduates that just not have professional expertise/experience, but also have social experience. In jobsdhamaka experts point of view There are many potential employers or Multinational organizations, that offers off and on-campus recruitment to hire talents. Your professional expertise and area of interest should meet to the employer’s requirement. Be volunteer of your work and adds more page to your resume by representing your valuable experience and professional knowledge. Your right skills and expertise can help get your resume on the top track.

Connect with Professionals and your past friends

Connecting your past friends and other professionals can provide you more resources and connections to recruiters that can be used as an advantage. Your past co-workers or collegues may help you find interview calls.


Take part time opportunities in free times

Doing part time or freelance work in part time can improve your corporate experience knowledge. You can earn revenue and job experience together. This may help you represent yourself as an experienced and expert candidates for the open job position.

Searching for full-time jobs can be stressful experience for many people, if they don’t aware with latest job trendsJobsdhamaka and hiring procedures. Hiring managers and recruiters seeking for candidates with right resumes, skills, and cover letters that may help them find right candidates on the World Wide Web.

The candidates may find yourself becoming panicked and frustrated as they are waiting for potential employers to reply you. Hence, it is necessary to stay positive and calm because stress only makes the condition wore for job seekers.

Here are several proven tips to stay calm and positive while looking for new opportunity:

Don’t be too negative or dramatic

If you are looking for new job opportunity, then it is understable that you get upset because there are many instances of success and failure. After each interview you land, there is a number of other job available that you may not be aware with. According Jobsdhamaka experts, such situation can lead you dramatic or negative about results or finding job opportunity. Therefore, you should only focus on be positive and stay calm while seeking for new job opportunity.

Be positive

We know that how tough to maintain our attitude while looking for job opportunities. You send out a number of emails to employers or applied for many jobs but you din’t get good results. Generally, this is the process of job interview, sometimes, you get job immediately but when looking for new opportunity, you may face trouble. It is advisable to be positive while seeking for new jobs.

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