With day-to-day advancement in mobile world, there is extensive use of iphone and Smartphone with apps that can Jobsdhamakaeverything you like. Now with the advanced Jobsdhamaka’s mobile apps job seekers can get everything on mobile phones. They can easily search and apply jobs matching to their profile.

This mobile app allows job seekers access their professional profile on mobile, handheld device, android and other mobile devices. By using jobsdhamaka android app, job seekers can directly access their profile inbox and view day-today activity without open desktop or laptop. This app is compatible with a lot of advanced features and can be useful for job seekers. They can also use the app anywhere, anytime.

Post Resume and Register:

The jobsdhamaka mobile app allows users to register and post their resume on mobile or Smartphone. You will just need to download the app from Google Play Store and install in your mobile device. Now everything, you will get on mobile as Desktop Monitor. Unfortunately, if you are unable to open desktop or out of your home, you can login to your profile on mobile. This will allow you to find everything that access on your desktop. The jobsdhamaka app is absolutely free for users, thus they can use it hassle-free.

You can also download and upload your resume from Dropbox or Google drive. You can send your resume/CV to recruiters from your mobile.

Social Networking:

The jobsdhamaka app is also connected with social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter etc, Thus you can apply for jobs using your LinkedIn page.

According to today’s career experts, the most people change their career 4 to 8 times Jobsdhamakain the entire working life. They spend their most time in the organizations, where they feel comfortable and get competitive annual growth than other companies. Career change without any reason or pre-planning can be harmful for employees; you must consider and know the current market trends. When you change the job, you will get, new people, new organization and new job role, that may be different from your current job. Changing your career cause a lot of anxiety, trouble and stress. Therefore, be ensure that, this is the right time for change your job.

If you are considering about job or career change, you must prepare before going to next level. Here are a few tips that help you change your job successfully.


Patient is important to reach the next level or career change. Changing your job is not an easy task that you can immediately; it may take a few months. Therefore, you must have patience while looking for change your job. Start a slow journey towards your job search and career change.

Make a deep Research

You must make a deep research that what skills and experience you needed for career change. You need to make proper plan and evaluate your skills.

Make a Proper Plan

Make a proper plan and list all the requirements that are important for job search. It will help you prepare for career change.

Hire recruitment experts from jobsdhamaka or other career portals, you will get succeeded in your career goal.

Some corporate leaders achieve maximum visibility and higher level in their life. Because of, they work hard with Jobsdhamakaclear goals and positive thoughts. We may agree with those leaders who lead organizations and possess through a long lasting expertise in their domain. The most leaders amongst them who talented to go ahead, but a few of them stand out and left a unique identity in this world.

Certainly, some of them are disciplined in their regular work habits. They do the hard work, quick learners and have a clear mind towards their targeted goals. Besides these great traits, the corporate leaders have some extraordinary attributes such as, they are good speakers and can be simply handle to a crowd of people.

Here are a few tips that help you improve your public speech:

Learning with Present Situation

A quick learning abilities can help you improve your public speaking capabilities from the present situation. Now understands the current world and knows how to make a deep relationship to others. For example, an actor can become a true leader because he has the quality to capture the mind of the audience. They often show their performance on stages, thus they can be a good public speaker.

It’s much better than other medium of public presentation

A leadership, communication can be a great tool for handling a crowd of people with speech. The research and development team at jobsdhamaka said that, the top notch entrepreneurs can improve their public speaking simply. They just need to make a practice on regular basis.

Employee engagement is one of the most important aspects of any organization. The entire process of employee Jobsdhamakaengagement has developed on positive psychology, HR experience and business models, which are necessary for the success.

Today, we need to promote our business brand through internal and externally efforts. A few businesses, only focus on the external brand and they often neglect to internal efforts, that is necessary for engaging, appealing and challenging work environment. In order to better employee engagement, you will need to apply some important tips and methodologies.

Here are some important employee engagement tips that need to apply:

 Assign organizational values

Assign organizational values to employees to certain employees every month based on performance. The acknowledgement or announcement publicly for his/her performance can be beneficial to motivate employees.

Design Workplace to make more fun

Developing and designing your own game rules can produce more fun at workplace that is necessary for motivate employees. This is most important to stay positive at workplace.

Encourage personal projects

Give freedom to your employees for one or two hours to make a practice on their own projects. Such things can improve their working capacity and technical expertise.

Encourage volunteering

If you are not satisfy with classical money approach, you can try on new volunteer angle. Spend a couple of days on employees every month.

Show respect

Show respect for both your juniors as well as seniors. This will create a healthy relationship between you and others. At jobsdhamaka, we effort to design and develop a healthy and funny work environment.

To keep our body mentally strong and emotionally healthy, it is necessary to stay positive and take healthy diets.Jobsdhamaka Complains A positive thoughts always support to achieve successes, either it business, career or sports. But how can we keep us stay positive when searching for new job opportunities or establish a successful business entity anywhere.

Here are a few proven tips to keep job seekers stay positive during the job search:

Keep Yourself emotionally fit

Being emotionally fit is ideally normal when going through the job search or change process. Emotionally up and down reduce the stress of unemployment while looking for long term job search.

Do exercise everyday

Doing the normal physical exercises on everyday basis keep our body relax and healthy. No matter its a little walk of 30 minutes, some yoga, sports, deep breathing and some more. Regular exercises or physical activities are essential to keep our body healthy and relax.

Celebrate the small successes

To keep yourself stay positive, you need to pat yourself on each small success, this provide you the more energy and increase confidence level to take big challenges in future.

Take control your voices

You must control your voices and need to be more confident. Why you are so lazy, an egagerness and positive interests towards job search or challenges, keep you stay healthy and positive together.

Ask Yourself Some good questions

Asking questions yourself, keep you motivated and enthusiastic towards your goal. According to jobsdhamaka recruitment team, motivation, enthusiasm and staying positive are something that help win the situation.

Behavioral interviews are one of the ideal ways to test the past behavior and attitudes of the candidates. Such Jobsdhamakainterviews are becoming more popular amongst employers to make the right decision while hiring employees. The recruiters usually asked questions related to their past decision and situation handling capabilities. The answers of these questions allows the interviewer to compare the candidates’ behavior, actions and attributes to hire them. The research and recruitment team at Jobsdhamaka has prepared some proven tips for behavioral questions based on a survey of recruiters.

Here are a few tips to prepare for behavioral interview questions

Deeply consider on situations at work place that often occurred and prepare solutions for each problem, you can think about the traits of employees, customer support and problem solving skills. Prepare the list of short answers for each question.

First describe the situation, you have to face, how did you handle them and what was result etc. Never try to exaggerate, be specific while dealing with the situation.

The interviewers may ask some possible questions related to behavior and attitudes. For example: Describe the situation when you had to be taken decision on difficult problems. Tell me the situation when you had taken good judgment in solving tough problems.

Here are some other examples of behavioral questions:

Tell me the time when you had to go to the office and done your difficult task very soon.

Describe the situation when you deal with an angry client in the office.

You can make a regular practice on these questions.

A professional portfolio is one of the essential assets to showcase your work to employers or recruiters, when you are Jobsdhamaka reviewlooking for a job opportunity. A good portfolio about your career can stand out from the crowd of job seekers. A resume or CV plays a vital role to get a suitable job for you, while a professional portfolio to focus on your market value and unique identity on the World Wide Web. You can develop a digital portfolio of your specialization and experience to show in Search Engines Google, Yahoo and social sites Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter, etc. It can be a most powerful tool in job search and career growth.

A resume is 1 or 2 page document that show your professional experience, educational details, skills and expertise, while a professional portfolio is supporting documents that provide full support and strength to your profile on the World Wide Web.

According to the jobsdhamaka research team, if you have a good portfolio along with a professional resume, then you can win a job instantly.

Here are some important tips to create your professional portfolio:

  • Spend you several hours to manage your profile and portfolio. In a few days you will get a good professional face on the World Wide Web.
  • Focus on your entire skills, expertise and accomplishments and manage accordingly. As they will make an effective impression on recruiters or employers.
  • Sort your documents like education, experience, skills and images into different categories to show on your profile.
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