Job Interview Tips and Career Advices

In today’s work environment most employers are hiring for cultural fit in an effort to select best performing candidates. A survey on current job market conducted by jobsdhamaka team shows that many companies are now using a candidate’s hobbies and area of interests as a main indicator of cultural and personality suit to candidates. Generally, most employers indicated that these hobbies and interests were essential than education and experience while selecting the candidates for particular role.

If you are a job seeker, you must like to choose a single or couple of hobby or area of interests that make you much more attractive to boost your employability. But what type or which hobbies should you select. It all depends on personal strengths that candidates want to highlight.

Here are a few hobbies that match to employers need according to jobsdhamaka survey:

Adventure Pursuits

The adventure pursuits include climbing on mountain, kite surfing, adventurous sports, bike racing, sky diving show that you are taking life risk and more happy than others. Such activity shows that you have leadership quality and can play role of good leader.

Endurance Sports:

This type of hobbies include swimming, running, jumping, cycling etc, advice that an individual has tenacity, perseverance and drive that much more suitable qualities for sales and business development.

Team Sports

Sports like cricket, football, hockey, bollyball, etc. show that you are able to work as a team member who has common target and can work in a team.

Creative Sports

Hobbies like painting, cooking, design and photography express that the particular persons have creative mind and can be play role of a designer, photographer etc.

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