Job Interview Tips and Career Advices

Each country has its own procedures for job hiring or recruitment. The style and format of resume/CV are also different from one to another country. If you want to find lucrative or high paid job opportunity in India and abroad, they you must have a professional resume and cover letter. Your resume makes first impression on recruiters or hiring managers, so it must be professional and in proper format. The format of each country’s resume has some unique identification such as US standard resume does not include a photo, etc.Jobsdhamaka

In jobsdhamaka point of view if you are looking for jobs in other countries like US, UK, Australia or Germany then you must aware with the format of CV and application procedure. You can contact with a resume expert or agency who provide the CV/resume writing services in different design and format. You have also option to find details on the World Wide Web for required information. If you don’t like to hire a professional writer then need to follow the guide for creating your resume and cover letter.

Tips for Self-resume creation:

Just start a draft of your CV with overall professional experience and skills. Highlight your skills and experience for each application in resume and profile. Try to use a professional tone in CV while presenting your skills and experience. For US focus on accomplishments and achievements along with output of work. In the other country like Germany, you can include a listing of your experience while focus on jobs and responsibilities. For other countries resume/CV creation visit jobsdhamaka or consult with a representative.

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