Job Interview Tips and Career Advices

Some of the most common mistakes in interview becomes biggest problems for job seekers. Therefore, everyone need to avoid the common mistakes during the interview.jobsdhamaka

Jobsdhamaka Advice for Avoid common mistakes during the face to face round:

  • Lack of Interview preparation: According to a survey revealed by jobsdhamaka, the lack of proper knowledge and research failure are the first mistakes that candidates need to avoid. The more you practice, the more professionally you express your answers.
  • Body language failures: A failure of body language such as staring or poor eye contact, sitting in not a proper way, bad handshake are the common recipes for lose your interview.
  • Few words answers or talking much more: Expressing wrong answers or ideas, short answers or much more long answers are not the proper way. You must have clear concept on each interview question.
  • Failure to highlight your career achievements: As an ideal candidate, you must provide examples of your past and current achievements that relavant to your career, work and job responsibilities. Your achievements focus on your market value like you are suitable candidates for open position.
  • Late arriving: If you are going for interviews, then avoid to late arriving, you must reach a few minutes ago from your schedule time. Your late coming can be an issue.
  • Dressing inappropriately: Your dress is also important for success in job interview, so dress that make an impression on interviewer.
  • Asking about salary: You should avoid to asking about salary during the interview unless interviewer can mention that issue in CV.

In the jobsdhamaka opinion, We are avoit these mistakes in interviews so don’t advoid tham and crack any interviews

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