Job Interview Tips and Career Advices

As we know that hiring is costly and risiky procedure for recruiters or employers. They spend sufficient amounts on job hiring. With the advent of advanced technologies and amenties, the recruiters has become a little more smarter that how and who get shortlisted according to jobsdhamaka research team survey.

A huge number of employers reported that their organizations have been much more affected by a bad hiring procedure.

Hiring is a two way street where both employer and job seekers looking for better match. Itbad-hire1 is not good to blame to others for bad hiring as same to relationship needs reliability, good partnership and commitment to do the jobs.

Hence, it serves as an essential reminder to job searchers; take ownership to self-evaluation, not only the position but also organizational culture, previous hiring system and management style.

In the other hand once you have done the job, it is up to you to handle how can you manage the job. It is hassle-free for a manager to analyze the quality of your work is done after you have left. It is the matter of your performance and daily activity. It is also advisable to monitor the daily acitivity. Jobsdhamaka team are highlight few things that can be keep in mind before start your new jobs.

  • Reach early on regular basis for the first month to show that you are punctual and dedicated.
  • Don’t take leave in the first 3 months.
  • Do not try to complain about your work.
  • Make friends with everyone.

Comments on: "What Do You Think About Bad Hiring Process?" (1)

  1. Bad hiring process is really serious issue for job seekers


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