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No matter, what are you doing over the Internet, it is visible to everyone. All the posts on social networking sites like twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin about your current jobjobsdhamaka role, commenting status on Facebook or Follow blogs on Linkedin or Google Plus can see to everyone. These types of facilities are also available for recruiters and employers, they can simply view candidates activities on these social networking sites. Your mistakes or wrong activities on social sites can ruin your networking value or reputation on the World Wide Web. With the rise of social sites like Linkedin, your professional identity can make a strong publicity over the Internet. Having a professional profile on Linkedin can lead a lucrative career opportunity for you. Recruiters can easily search and judge to your profile. To keep your online reputation, you must avoid some of the common mistakes on the World Wide Web.

Be Proud Yourself-Jobsdhamaka

According to jobsdhamaka research team, many people often use social networking sites to highlights their positive and negative thoughts such as they posts on Facebook, and Linkedin or Google Plus. Twitter is also used by today youths on regular basis. Having a strong identity on Social platform can proud yourself as a Gentleman.

Remove your old identity and start fresh

It’s time to remove or delete your very old history that may be trouble for your professional identity. The recruiters or people can find your entire activities in search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. You should completely delete your past history on the World Wide Web and start a fresh profile where, you would like.

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