Job Interview Tips and Career Advices

After completing the college degree, most students want to land a job. But they are nervous and Jobsdhamakasuspicious about future interviews, they do not know how to qualify the job interview. This is the truth that everyone passess through the transitional period of life. Recruitment team at jobsdhamaka has prepared some favorite interview tips to become an expert of job interviews. No matter, you are still fresher and looking for your first job or want to change your current job, these tips will help you mastering in job interviews.

Update your profile and resume

Before going to search job on various job portals and social media sites, you need to update your profile, skills and resume everywhere. Keep multiple copies of resume along with you.

Dress Professionally

Having a proper dress in interview can make a very first impression on interviewer, so try to wear professional and formal dress.

Search the company

If you want to land a job in your favorite companies, you must read carefully about them. Working in reputed organizations provide more opportunities and benefits to candidates.

Be punctual

Being punctual is one of the good attitudes of our life, so try to reach on time. Always reach 15 minutes before your schedule interview.

Make a Proper eye contact

Eye contact and body moment are most important aspects of body language, we must maintain them. Try to avoid staring on interviewer, only make a proper eye contact with interviewer.

Prepare for Interview

Before going for an interview, you must make a regular practice on questions and answers asking by interviewer.

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  1. You must do your best to keep your community engaged on your online images by responding to comments, holding chats, building groups and many more.


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