Job Interview Tips and Career Advices

Resume or CV is one of the most essential aspects of job interview. You must have professional resume that highlights your skills, expertise, and experience. In this blog, we will discuss about most important factors of resume and short listing process etc. How they generates more interviews.

How Resumes are Read by Recruiters

Resumes/CVs are probably read by HR recruiters (Human Resources). They are only scanned about 10 to 20jobsdhamaka seconds per resume. HR recruiters are scanned hundreads of resume/CV on regular basis and they do not have more time to read resume/CV in detail. Usually HR recruiters or consultants search keywords and view all the CVs that come first in search. It is advisable to focus your important skills and expertise in resume.

Highlights Your Titles

Recruiters first scan your resume and visits position you have already hold. The eyes of resume reviewers scan your resume from current and previous postion hold in Organizations. It’s important to write descriptive titles and include your positions that you hold. Most recruiters view title first, that you have mentioned in your resume. For instance, if you hold a position of Software developer, you must show your position in title. The descriptive title is exactly reflect your role and responsibilities.

Show Your Keywords

Resume reviewers are also search keywords related to skills. It is advisable to show your all the keywords in skills. When recruiters search keywords (Skills), they can find in your resume or CV.

Length of Resumes

The recruiters at jobsdhamaka, advises that the one page resumes rule has out-dated, it is only suitable for fresher or college graduates. Today’s professionals are often use 2 to 3 page resume/CV for 3 to 5 years of experience.

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