Job Interview Tips and Career Advices

jobsdhamakaMost employers, utilize telephonic interviews as the first step of the initial round of interview and shortlisting process for the face to face round of interview. As an ideal job seeker, you must take telephonic interviews seriously. Reputed employers often use telephonic round as a way to shortlisting process of the candidates for the open position in organizations.

In order to prepare for the phone interviews, the jobsdhamaka recruitment team often helps job seekers achieve their goals quickly.

Here are a few tips that help you qualify telephonic interviews:
  • Keep a print out of job description for each position, you have applied or going to apply. Most employers do not copy paste from the Internet, thus, you may not find the details online.
  • Read the details about the company and collect the important point like services, process, etc. Make a deep study about the current position, job role and responsibilities that you are going to apply or already have.
  • Review your CV/resume, once or a couple of times and ensure that you are able to speak about skills, education details and job role mentioned in your resume. Match the skills on your CV with current open position, you are going to apply.
  • Make a hard practice, before going to face telephonic and face to face round of interviews. Understand the clear point of your job role and responsibilities.
  • During the interview, select a peaceful environment and ensure that there is no additional noise. Ask some questions about the position and the employers during the interview. After interviewing send a follow up thank you note to interviewers.

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