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Informational interview plays vital role when it comes to lucrative job opportunities for job seekers. But how to prepare for an informational interview, who will be your interviewer, the employer and the industry etc. There are a lot of things that need to clear before going to face an informational interview. You probably like to waste interviewer’s time asking them a few questions and some more.JobsdhamakWhen you find the chance to ask some questions with seniors who has the same position you are looking for. Keep in mind that the person you are going to meet have already experience and organizational knowledge. You can only get a few moments to discuss to him or her, which may be sufficient time to ask a number of questions related to your education, interests, strong point, weakness etc.

You should prepare yourself by hard work and regular practice as a job interview, because you may be ask a number of questions.

First you need to prepare a list of some most important interview questions related to your job, education, work experience, skills, hobbies etc. They might be ask some more questions but everything will depend on time and your capabilities.

According to Jobsdhamaka research team survey, they can ask some important questions like;

About Job:

  • What is the most important function in this job?
  • What skills are most important to perform this job role?
  • What would you like to know before took this job opportunity?
  • What would be annual or monthly salary in this job?
  • They can be ask some other questions related to the company or business etc.

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