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jobsdhamakaYou must have attended a dozen management seminars and workshops and find one topic that is common to all spectrum of management ideology. It is motivation; everyone talks about motivation, from self improvement gurus on the talk shows to scholarly authors in fat books. The topic has become stale and most of the people tune off when they hear the word motivation, or just take a short snooze till the lecture o. However, the cn motivation is overoncept of motivation discussed by experts in emotional intelligence is different; it covers a whole spectrum of subjects. Motivation drives you to work passionately for a reason that does not cover compensation alone, but makes you go beyond money to the areas that cover goals, aspirations and hopes.

At the very heart of self motivation is the clarity of direction and goals, and ability to approach with passion and apply laser like focus on your goals. It means not pandering to your emotional needs, not performing to get approval from other persons, but focusing on our long term goals in life. Take the example of a person who agrees to work on a project that he or she finds uninteresting and very boring, simply to get approval from a well placed person. The amount of effort you have to waste in completing a piece of work you find uninteresting will be more than the satisfaction you will get from getting a seal of approval from a well placed person. In other words it is simply not worth the effort. A self motivated person will never deviate from his long term goal to waste his energy on doing unproductive work.

In Jobsdhamaka career councillors views, the self motivation we are discussing here is very different from the lectures you hear every day; it comes from your inner core. It improves your emotional intelligence and makes you a better human being as well.

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