Job Interview Tips and Career Advices

Everyone talks about entry level jobs, but what are these entry level jobs and why are they called entry level. The job at the lowest level of any category is called an entry level job, and unless you are the son of a tycoon and he owns the company, you will have to enter the work force on the entry level of you chosen career. For instance, if you have specialized in sales and marketing, and applied in the marketing department of a blue chip company, your first job is going to be that of a trainee sales person. You need to learn the ropes of the trade, the procedure used by the company, the reporting relationship and the technique and strategy used to sell the products before you are even allowed to use your sales pitch.Jobsdhamaka

Roughly the first job or a probation period lasts from six months to one year before a trainee is accepted as a fully fledged employee and given an appointment letter as a permanent employee. According to Jobsdhamaka experts, there is no need to break into sweat; all trainees before they are appointed in the company go through a series of interviews, and a thorough on the job training. It is obvious that the company uses resources, manpower and money to train you and unless you commit some serious mistake like selling out the company’s secret to a rival, chances are that you will get an appointment letter after the probation period is over.

You are, if are a wise person, learn a lot of things during the probation, make contacts, understand the power structure of the organization and the department, and make lasting relationships that will help you in your future career. The net work of the contacts you make in your entry level jobs will help you in the future; you can lay the foundation of your networking process and can keep on adding to it in the future.

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