Job Interview Tips and Career Advices

There are certain things which you should stay away from doing while applying for jobs to avoid being rejected. In the next few sections let us see what those things are.

Things Not To Do While Applying for a Job

  • Create a resume which does not have proper layout, headings and titles for each of the sections.
  • Not properly studying the business goals of the company you are going for interview.
  • Having attire which does not look very professional.
  • Negative body language which shows lack of self confidence and a reserved nature.Jobsdhamaka
  • Lack of communication skills and not understanding the questions interviewer asks.
  • Applying for jobs which do not match your qualification and experience.
  • Placing a salary expectation which is far more than mentioned in company’s job profile.
  • Not mentioning in resume the reason why company should select you.
  • Showing lack of presentation skills and not interacting with the interviewer in a professional manner.
  • Sitting with crossed arms or legs at the time of interview since crossed arms are considered to show person’s defensive as well as reserved nature while crossed legs highlight the suspicious nature of people.
  • Shaking legs since it clearly indicates to the interviewer that you are really uncomfortable and nervous at the time of giving the interview.
  • Not keeping direct eye contact as a direct eye contact helps to build confidence in interviewer that you are sure of yourself and have answers to all questions that are being asked.

 If you are looking for more help and guidance on how to properly prepare for your interview then Jobsdhamaka should be the first portal for you to visit since they have a large collection of informative articles on how candidates can organize themselves before appearing for an interview.

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