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Job scammers are well aware that finding a job in today’s market conditions can be really Jobsdhamakatough and they try to utilize this fact. Many times it is seen that to trick users they start advertising at places where actual employers also publish their vacancies.

The other clear sign of such swindlers is that provide upbeat promises regarding your prospect of getting a job and almost all of them ask you to pay a lump sum money upfront to make use of their services.

Recognizing Scammers & Fraudsters

Let us now look at some more signs which clearly indicate that the job poster is a scammer.

Make Payment:

Some of the common things you will hear from them would include things that an excellent job is waiting or they offer guarantee of providing you a placement. The only thing you will have to do is make a payment upfront. But after making the payment you will come to know that no such job exists and your money as well as the imposter, both are gone.

Supply Card Details:

Most often than not these scammers would be asking you to provide your bank details or credit card information for their record purpose. You should never give out such details to them since these can be used by such people for various wrong purposes.

A Government Job:

Government jobs will sound lucrative to most people and these cons try to capitalize on it. They will tell you that it is one of the undisclosed government job with very few limited vacancies and you should act now since it is open only for a very limited time period.

Your job should be to plainly ignore such lucrative offers since all government jobs are posted for general public to apply and there is no such thing as an undisclosed job opportunity.

Looking for more tips and suggestions on avoiding such job scammers? Jobsdhamaka is a job portal which has several articles on this topic which will work as an eye opener for you and help you from falling prey to such scams and frauds.

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