Job Interview Tips and Career Advices

One of the most dreaded questions during a job interview is the “tell me about yourself”. You will agree that it is quiet a vague and open-ended question nobody likes to answer.  But it is aJobsdhamaka truth that most hiring managers would be asking it during the interview.The interviewer hardly bothers about your answer, what the person is more interested is checking how you are answering the question and whether you have the required enthusiasm, confidence and passion at the time you reply to it.

Common interview mistakes candidates make is of stalling, pausing or fumbling at the start while giving the answer which provides a clear indication to the interviewer that you lack self esteem as well as self awareness.

Let us see some of the answers you can give to this question at the time of interview.

  1. “I can summarize about myself in just 3 words”. This will instantly grab attention of the interviewer and show your ability to be creative, concise and compelling.
  2. “My own viewpoint is. . .”, interviewers will get a clear message that you a thinker and not a mere employee.
  3. “Those who know about me tell that I am. . .” This type of statement indicates to your prospective employers that you have the required level of self awareness.
  4. “This is my passion. . . .” This statement is important since people want to know what you do and who you are. You are what you are passionate about, in addition to it, passion help to unearth your enthusiasm.

“When I was just ten years old, I craved to be. . .” Answers such as this one highlights the fact that you are preparing for the job from quite early and it is not just a plan you made up few days ago.

Want more tips and suggestions on how to prepare correctly for a job interview? Jobsdhamaka is one of the leading job portals which provides excellent career advice that will help you face the interviews confidently and get selected for the job you always wanted.

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