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Jobs Skills are Marketable

What are the marketable job skills; these are the skill sets that can be transferred from the previous job to another easily. Experts say that there are five major skills and if you have them nothing will stop you from succeeding in each job, no matter how different it is from your last job. These job skills are communication, planning and research, human relations, organization, leadership and management, and survival at work place.marketable skills

You must have heard a lot about the communication skills, oral and written, clarity of ideas, simplicity and listening skills. However, communication skills also mean negotiating, expressing ideas lucidly, persuading, and reporting information. There is no need to describe planning and research, these skills deal with not only prediction and forecast of future trends, but also with looking at problems and searching for solutions. It means setting personal goals that runs simultaneously with the goals of the organization. Analysis and development of strategies is the major planning and research skills.

Did you think that only human resources department deals with human resources of an organization, it is the job of every employee because as a member of the organization, you are listening, talking, counseling and cooperating at all levels. You motivate, convey your feelings, ideas and instructions, and sometimes representing and reporting of feelings of your co-workers to the higher echelons or asserting your own views. Management, leadership and organization skills are coupled with the human resources skills.

The last skill that you need to acquire is a skill that is needed every day at the work place, it is known as surviving at work skill, it ensures that all details are right, makes you keep accurate time management and get along with other co-workers. Jobsdhamaka Experts said, If you are cordial with your equals; submissive in front of your bosses, but arrogant with those who work under you, then you have not learnt the survival skills adequately, because you have to take everyone along if you need to work efficiently.

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