Job Interview Tips and Career Advices

In this competitive world finding a suitable job always remains a challenging task. Many job seekers post their perfect-jobresume on several job portals but they fail to get a proper response from the prospective employers. It is said in majority of cases, the resume posted by the job seekers go unnoticed because their resume does not get the required visibility. This drawback has been effectively set right by one of the reputed job portals namely This portal has been designed by experts from Voivo infotech and Indian trade centre.

Experts of this job portal have designed an exclusive career development search engine which gives the much needed visibility to the resume of the job seeker. This portal which is considered to be one of the unique featured service of Jobsdhamaka, periodically updates the data of both employer and job seekers which helps both the parties to make a perfect match depending on their needs. The data is also posted on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter so that the skills of the job seeker will get worldwide visibility. has adopted user friendly software so that even a job seeker with limitedJobsdhamaka exposure to computer can comfortably navigate through the various utilities. In the first place, the job seeker will have to register his name and then post resume in the format provided by this agency. The process of registration is done free of cost and it involves just few steps. Once he registers his name, he will get weekly updates on the jobs available to suit his qualification, skill and experience.

Interestingly, the services of can be used by consultants also. They can post their resume or even post an ad which also gets higher visibility. This agency ensures the resume of the registered users get highest possible visibility among both the registered and unregistered employers. Thereby, every registered job seeker of Jobsdhamaka will have greater chances of finding a suitable job. You may visit the website of this agency to know more about the various other unique services available.

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