Job Interview Tips and Career Advices

Interviews can be really tense and if you do not have the right preparation then you might get stuck answering even some of the most common questions. Thus it is necessary to be fully prepared so that you can face the interview confidently and have better chances of getting selected. Let us now check some such common question that you will have to face in most of the interviews.Jobsdhamaka

Common Interview Questions

These questions can be divided into 3 basic groups such as:

  1. Questions regarding you
  2. Questions regarding your knowledge and work experience
  3. Questions regarding why you want the job

Questions regarding you

These type of questions are called opening questions but these can crop up all through the interview in case it your first interview. The main aim of these questions is to know a bit more about you, your experience, personality and experience. This is the right time to market you.

Questions regarding your knowledge and work experience

These questions try to delve deeper and figure out more about you. The aim here is to figure out whether you have the right skills for the job. The questions are also made in such a way to judge you have the right experience and knowledge to perform the duties you will be assigned.

Questions regarding why you want the job

12These questions are a sign that they think you are a good fit for the job and that is why asking such questions. The interviewer wants to judge whether you like the job you have applied for. The questions help the interviewer figure out whether you are really serious about the job. They do not want to again re-advertise the job just because you have got cold feet.

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