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In this present economic condition where jobs are scarce, job searchers sometimes fall prey to job scams. Our aim here will be to look at such email job scams and ways you can avoid them.

Email Job Scams to Avoid

Email Scam

It could be an email mentioning that they got your resume from a job portal and consider you as a perfect candidate for the job. However, at your end you might not be able to remember when you applied to them. You are jobs scamsnot able to remember it since you never applied for the post.

From their email it will sound as if they are very interested in getting you for the job and all you will have to do is just send them your personal details for basic pre employment verification. The details which are commonly asked would include your driving license or passport or bank account details.

If you get such an email best thing to do will be to simply ignore it. Even if the email id looks genuine, you should know that it is quite easy to fake an id and it cannot be enough proof of authentication of the person sending the mail. Another thing you should check whether you are getting the email from a company email id or a very generic free email service id. Like for example, a valid id would be something like name[at] whereas a fake person would be using an email address like name[at] or any other free email service provider account.

In case someone from a company is sending you an email then it will be from a company email address not his or her personal email address. This could be the first thing you should check if you get a email which sounds very promising as well as something too good to be true.

Looking for more tips and hints on how to safeguard yourself from falling prey to scammers? Visit and register at Jobsdhamaka and make use of useful resources to guide you in the right direction as well as avoid such pitfalls.

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