Job Interview Tips and Career Advices

If it quite natural to be nervous at the time of interview and make mistakes. Recruiters check more than just your words during the interview to know what kind of person you are. Non-verbal expressions as well as your actions send a clear message about your character, thus you need to careful. Let us check some Common Reasons for Rejection in a Job Interview which you should not be doing at the time of interview.


What not to do during interview?

Not arrive too late or too early

You should be on time for the interview and it will show your irresponsible nature if you arrive late. Similarly, if you reach the interview destination too early then you will just be sitting nervously in the waiting area for everyone to see. Try to arrive at the venue just about 10 minutes before the interview.

No monotone voice

Try to change your voice for showing excitement as well as emphasis while talking about any point. Recruiters are always looking for engaging and energetic employees.

Do not eat food items

You should avoid eating anything at the time of interview. As for example, gum chewing will generally send out a message that you are taking things in a very casual manner and it will also distract your interviewer.

Do not be nervous

In case you are not able to answer any of the questions then do not lose your confidence. Employers are looking for someone who can act properly when under pressure. Thus, you should not panic and give an answer that you are not aware of the answer and will certainly look it into.

Do not use angry tone

You should avoid using an angry tone even if the recruiter is taking a combative stance. Such type of stress questions are generally used for checking whether you are able to retain composure while facing difficult situations.

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