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In this competitive world finding a suitable job always remains a challenging task. Many job seekers post their perfect-jobresume on several job portals but they fail to get a proper response from the prospective employers. It is said in majority of cases, the resume posted by the job seekers go unnoticed because their resume does not get the required visibility. This drawback has been effectively set right by one of the reputed job portals namely This portal has been designed by experts from Voivo infotech and Indian trade centre.

Experts of this job portal have designed an exclusive career development search engine which gives the much needed visibility to the resume of the job seeker. This portal which is considered to be one of the unique featured service of Jobsdhamaka, periodically updates the data of both employer and job seekers which helps both the parties to make a perfect match depending on their needs. The data is also posted on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter so that the skills of the job seeker will get worldwide visibility. has adopted user friendly software so that even a job seeker with limitedJobsdhamaka exposure to computer can comfortably navigate through the various utilities. In the first place, the job seeker will have to register his name and then post resume in the format provided by this agency. The process of registration is done free of cost and it involves just few steps. Once he registers his name, he will get weekly updates on the jobs available to suit his qualification, skill and experience.

Interestingly, the services of can be used by consultants also. They can post their resume or even post an ad which also gets higher visibility. This agency ensures the resume of the registered users get highest possible visibility among both the registered and unregistered employers. Thereby, every registered job seeker of Jobsdhamaka will have greater chances of finding a suitable job. You may visit the website of this agency to know more about the various other unique services available.

It is said many of the job seekers post their Curriculum Vitae which has stereo type format. Many employers say they find some the CVs posted by ResumePic2the job seeker is monotonous. Employers feel many of the job seekers fail to highlight their specialized skill or experience and a result they fail in their attempt to secure a suitable job. Therefore, such job seekers certainly need some help in CV writing so that they would enhance their chances of securing a suitable job. In fact, this issue has been efficiently answered by the job portal

For the benefit of such job seekers who fail to present a suitable CV, JobsDhamaka has provided a specialized tool called as Career Ladder. Any registered job seeker can make use of this tool and request the experts of this job portal to write a suitable resume for them. The experts of the portal would prepare a suitable resume highlighting the specialized skills and qualification of the job seeker. Such a resume has helped many of the job seekers in getting suitable employment. Wherever necessary, these experts would even prepare a suitable cover letter so as to highlight any salient points in the resume of the job seeker.

In addition to resume writing, the Career Ladder tool of JobsDhamka also provides another useful utility called as profile verification. Under this tool the jobs portal will verify the credentials of the qualification and the experience mentioned by the job seeker. It has been the experience that such pre-verified resume will have an edge over the one which is not verified.

You may wonder was started in the year 2008 and within a short span of about six years, this job portal has more than 3 lakhs registered members. The portal is considered to be an ideal meeting place for both the job seeker and the employer. In fact, apart from job seekers even consultants have registered themselves with this job portal. Visit this versatile user friendly portal to know more about the various kinds of services available.

What are the marketable job skills; these are the skill sets that can be transferred from the previous job to another easily. Experts say that there are five major skills and if you have them nothing will stop you from succeeding in each job, no matter how different it is from your last job. These job skills are communication, planning and research, human relations, organization, leadership and management, and survival at work place.marketable skills

You must have heard a lot about the communication skills, oral and written, clarity of ideas, simplicity and listening skills. However, communication skills also mean negotiating, expressing ideas lucidly, persuading, and reporting information. There is no need to describe planning and research, these skills deal with not only prediction and forecast of future trends, but also with looking at problems and searching for solutions. It means setting personal goals that runs simultaneously with the goals of the organization. Analysis and development of strategies is the major planning and research skills.

Did you think that only human resources department deals with human resources of an organization, it is the job of every employee because as a member of the organization, you are listening, talking, counseling and cooperating at all levels. You motivate, convey your feelings, ideas and instructions, and sometimes representing and reporting of feelings of your co-workers to the higher echelons or asserting your own views. Management, leadership and organization skills are coupled with the human resources skills.

The last skill that you need to acquire is a skill that is needed every day at the work place, it is known as surviving at work skill, it ensures that all details are right, makes you keep accurate time management and get along with other co-workers. Jobsdhamaka Experts said, If you are cordial with your equals; submissive in front of your bosses, but arrogant with those who work under you, then you have not learnt the survival skills adequately, because you have to take everyone along if you need to work efficiently.

One of the most dreaded questions during a job interview is the “tell me about yourself”. You will agree that it is quiet a vague and open-ended question nobody likes to answer.  But it is aJobsdhamaka truth that most hiring managers would be asking it during the interview.The interviewer hardly bothers about your answer, what the person is more interested is checking how you are answering the question and whether you have the required enthusiasm, confidence and passion at the time you reply to it.

Common interview mistakes candidates make is of stalling, pausing or fumbling at the start while giving the answer which provides a clear indication to the interviewer that you lack self esteem as well as self awareness.

Let us see some of the answers you can give to this question at the time of interview.

  1. “I can summarize about myself in just 3 words”. This will instantly grab attention of the interviewer and show your ability to be creative, concise and compelling.
  2. “My own viewpoint is. . .”, interviewers will get a clear message that you a thinker and not a mere employee.
  3. “Those who know about me tell that I am. . .” This type of statement indicates to your prospective employers that you have the required level of self awareness.
  4. “This is my passion. . . .” This statement is important since people want to know what you do and who you are. You are what you are passionate about, in addition to it, passion help to unearth your enthusiasm.

“When I was just ten years old, I craved to be. . .” Answers such as this one highlights the fact that you are preparing for the job from quite early and it is not just a plan you made up few days ago.

Want more tips and suggestions on how to prepare correctly for a job interview? Jobsdhamaka is one of the leading job portals which provides excellent career advice that will help you face the interviews confidently and get selected for the job you always wanted.

Many job seekers are under the impression that by registering themselves with a job portal they will be able to get Jobsdhamakaplenty of job opportunities. In fact, this is a myth because the job opportunities depend on the efficiency of the career tool installed by the job portal. The career tool must be user friendly and capable of highlighting the skills of the job seeker failing which the employer will not be able to pick the best talent available. Keeping this in view, has designed an exclusive career tool which is not only user friendly but also provides global visibility about the skills and qualification of its registered job seekers. As a result of this, the registered job seekers of Jobsdhamaka have been securing higher job opportunities as compared to other job search engines.

The very fact that since its inception about five six years back, this Jobsdhamaka portal has secured more than 3 lakhs registered users highlights the efficiency of the career tool devised by its highly skilled technical crew. The career tool is so versatile; it abundantly highlights the qualification and specialized skills of the job seeker. This in turn helps the employer to instantaneously short list job seeker.

For the benefit of the job seeker, Jobsdhamaka has installed a special tool called as the Career Ladder. The Jobsdhamakaregistered job seeker can avail the assistance of experts available with this agency to write a profile for him or her.  Thousands of registered job seekers of this agency have derived benefit of this specialized Career Ladder tool.  The career tool is designed to cater to the needs of every category of job seeker like for example fresher, experienced, semi skilled job seeker and so on. In addition to these, the agency provides other services like tips for facing the interview, personality development and so on. Perhaps, it would be appropriate that you should visit the website of Jobsdhamaka to know about other unique services available for the job seeker, employer as also for consultants.

Many of the job seekers feel their skills do not get proper visibility and as a result employers fail to recognize them. JobSeekersLogo-ButtonForWebsiteIn fact, many of the employers also echo similar opinion and they say most of the job portals do not provide adequate information about the job aspirants and as a result they fail to identify the required talent. This void has been effectively filled by which is a venture initiated by Voivo infotech and the Indian Trade Centre.

This portal came into being in 2008 and within a short span of about six years, the portal has gained recognition worldwide and more than 3 lakhs job aspirants have secured membership of this portal. Thousands of job seekers and registered employers have also been benefited by this portal. The portal is so designed that every registered job aspirants gets enough visibility in social media as well as in other search engines. The portal provides every bit of information about the job seeker and their special skills are sufficiently highlighted. This helps the employer to conveniently pick the required talent. Interestingly, this portal from jobsdhamaka is not restricted to job seekers; even consultants can register themselves and that would be a wonderful opportunity for them to get a suitable client.  Every registered job seeker is required to furnish his curriculum vitae in the required pro forma. The agency with the help of a specially designed career ladder tool micro manages the data in such a way that the skills are adequately highlighted so as to draw the attention of the employers.Jobsdhamaka

In addition to this, the registered job aspirant will be getting periodical up dates of job opportunities both in India and abroad. For the benefit of job seekers, the agency has instituted various other tools like the tips for interview, team management, decision making, group discussion, motivation, employment relation and on various other topics. All these tools are designed by experts and they are designed to enhance the confidence of the job seeker. Registration with this online can be done free of cost. This online portal has secured several positive reviews

Job scammers are well aware that finding a job in today’s market conditions can be really Jobsdhamakatough and they try to utilize this fact. Many times it is seen that to trick users they start advertising at places where actual employers also publish their vacancies.

The other clear sign of such swindlers is that provide upbeat promises regarding your prospect of getting a job and almost all of them ask you to pay a lump sum money upfront to make use of their services.

Recognizing Scammers & Fraudsters

Let us now look at some more signs which clearly indicate that the job poster is a scammer.

Make Payment:

Some of the common things you will hear from them would include things that an excellent job is waiting or they offer guarantee of providing you a placement. The only thing you will have to do is make a payment upfront. But after making the payment you will come to know that no such job exists and your money as well as the imposter, both are gone.

Supply Card Details:

Most often than not these scammers would be asking you to provide your bank details or credit card information for their record purpose. You should never give out such details to them since these can be used by such people for various wrong purposes.

A Government Job:

Government jobs will sound lucrative to most people and these cons try to capitalize on it. They will tell you that it is one of the undisclosed government job with very few limited vacancies and you should act now since it is open only for a very limited time period.

Your job should be to plainly ignore such lucrative offers since all government jobs are posted for general public to apply and there is no such thing as an undisclosed job opportunity.

Looking for more tips and suggestions on avoiding such job scammers? Jobsdhamaka is a job portal which has several articles on this topic which will work as an eye opener for you and help you from falling prey to such scams and frauds.

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