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Most of them fail to get proper response because the job portals either fail to provide higher visibility to their special skill and qualification or Jobsdhamaka.combecause they have limited job opportunities to offer or because of both. But, when you register your name with it certainly makes a difference. In the first place this job portal always makes it a point to provide highest possible visibility to your qualification and specialized skill. As a result, employers find it easy to identify the skill they are looking for and thereby the selection of job seeker becomes absolutely easy. Secondly, this is perhaps the only job portal to provide a whopping 3124000 plus jobs to offer from more than 402000 employers!

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In fact, Jobsdhamaka has more than 1949000 registered members and they always find it extremely easy to navigate through the various job opportunities available. Even a person having limited exposure to browsing can comfortably navigate through the website. The jobs are appropriately classified and every detail regarding the job, name of the employer and all the other related information is provided in the job portal. In so far as employers are concerned, they job portal provides them all the details of the job aspirant, his qualification, specialized skills, and experience and these are provided in a structured manner. Therefore it helps the prospective employer to choose the right candidate for the job.

Unique services to job seekers:

JobsdhamakaPerhaps this is one of the few portals to assist the job seeker in writing his Curriculum Vitae as also the cover letter if needed. The job portal recognizes the importance of preparing a good resume which enhances the chances of securing the desired job. If for any reason a job aspirant is unable to prepare such a resume he can seek the assistance of experts of this job portal to prepare the CV for him/her. Hundreds of registered members have been benefited with this utility. In addition to this, the portal provides useful tips on facing interviews and personality development and various other related topics. In fact, it releases articles at regular intervals on various issues like HR policies, commitment to job, improving personality, improving competence and various other related subjects. The portal also undertakes to verify the authenticity of the qualification and experienced mentioned by the job seeker. Naturally, this pre-verified resume will have an edge over the resume which is not verified.

Benefits to consultants:

Some of the reputed industries and business houses like Greaves cotton, VFC industries, Voivo infotech, Ansal housing, MRF limited, RNB research, Bhushan Steel, ABN industries, Rayan Industries, Websols India are among the reputed clientele of this job portal. Any job seeker or employer will have to first register themselves with The process of registration is quite simple; it takes hardly few minutes to register the names. The registration is done free of cost. The job seeker will have to submit his resume in the format provided by the agency. In fact, even consultants can register their names with this job portal. Thousands of consultants have been benefited by registering with The portal can also be used for placing advertisements by the employers as also consultants.

 Worldwide web appearance: was started in the year 2008 with the technical support of web design and software giant’s namely; voivo infotech and Indian Trade Center. Within a short span of about five years the portal has secured worldwide web appearance. This is perhaps the only portal which offer so much of utilities to every registered job aspirant, employer and the consultant. A visit to will provide you more details about the various services and other terms and conditions.

JobsdhamakaThere are many tricky questions present on job application forms and if you know the right answers then it becomes easier and simpler to reply to them. Let us now look at some Most Common Interview Questions and their appropriate answers.

Answering Job Application Form Questions

Q: Let us know about some of your greatest achievements.

The question is created to check what you are proud about as well as to know which achievement is most valuable for you. It is better to mention any achievement which shows that you share same kind of goals or values that organization has.

Q: Why are you looking for this job?

The aim of this question is to figure out whether you have given enough thought about how well the organization fit with your goals and interests. One example of a suitable answer would be, I distinguish this trainee ship as an opportunity to build a strong foundation in the field of finance. My goal is to work in your audit department.

Q: What makes you think you are the right candidate for the job?

To answer this question you will have to provide details of your skills, experience and knowledge which match the job profile. In addition to it, also provide details about your goal and motivations which made you apply for the said job.

Q: Provide details of team project you have worked on. What was your role and outcome of the project?

Begin by providing details of the project as well as elaborate on your role, as for example, the way you provided support to your colleagues, managed time and provided feedback to seniors about progress of the work. You also need to explain your experience as a team member and how the team work was carried out.

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If it quite natural to be nervous at the time of interview and make mistakes. Recruiters check more than just your words during the interview to know what kind of person you are. Non-verbal expressions as well as your actions send a clear message about your character, thus you need to careful. Let us check some Common Reasons for Rejection in a Job Interview which you should not be doing at the time of interview.


What not to do during interview?

Not arrive too late or too early

You should be on time for the interview and it will show your irresponsible nature if you arrive late. Similarly, if you reach the interview destination too early then you will just be sitting nervously in the waiting area for everyone to see. Try to arrive at the venue just about 10 minutes before the interview.

No monotone voice

Try to change your voice for showing excitement as well as emphasis while talking about any point. Recruiters are always looking for engaging and energetic employees.

Do not eat food items

You should avoid eating anything at the time of interview. As for example, gum chewing will generally send out a message that you are taking things in a very casual manner and it will also distract your interviewer.

Do not be nervous

In case you are not able to answer any of the questions then do not lose your confidence. Employers are looking for someone who can act properly when under pressure. Thus, you should not panic and give an answer that you are not aware of the answer and will certainly look it into.

Do not use angry tone

You should avoid using an angry tone even if the recruiter is taking a combative stance. Such type of stress questions are generally used for checking whether you are able to retain composure while facing difficult situations.

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In this present economic condition where jobs are scarce, job searchers sometimes fall prey to job scams. Our aim here will be to look at such email job scams and ways you can avoid them.

Email Job Scams to Avoid

Email Scam

It could be an email mentioning that they got your resume from a job portal and consider you as a perfect candidate for the job. However, at your end you might not be able to remember when you applied to them. You are jobs scamsnot able to remember it since you never applied for the post.

From their email it will sound as if they are very interested in getting you for the job and all you will have to do is just send them your personal details for basic pre employment verification. The details which are commonly asked would include your driving license or passport or bank account details.

If you get such an email best thing to do will be to simply ignore it. Even if the email id looks genuine, you should know that it is quite easy to fake an id and it cannot be enough proof of authentication of the person sending the mail. Another thing you should check whether you are getting the email from a company email id or a very generic free email service id. Like for example, a valid id would be something like name[at] whereas a fake person would be using an email address like name[at] or any other free email service provider account.

In case someone from a company is sending you an email then it will be from a company email address not his or her personal email address. This could be the first thing you should check if you get a email which sounds very promising as well as something too good to be true.

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As you start your job search it will be important for you to take into consideration things like the location, time commitment, your own personal expectations such as job duties, long term career, growth opportunities and pay scale.

You will have to perform some amount of research about any prospective employer and get required answers about some of the following under-mentioned questions to be sure that it will be the right job for you.

Employer Research

At the time of applying for a job you will have to get answer for the following important questions:

  1. Who are the people involved in the company? As an answer you need to check the employee strength of the jobsdhamakacompany, history of decline or growth of the firm, company management and diversity of employees.
  2. What does the company do? You need to find out the products or services company offers and the most notable achievements they had in recent years.
  3. Where is their office? It is be necessary to know where their office is situated and whether they have international operations.
  4. How did they start and future plans they have? You should also be aware of how the business started, expansions it had and future projects which are in pipelines.
  5. What is their way of functioning? You should have knowledge of the structure of their organization and whether the work environment is formal or informal.
  6. What is their mission statement? It should also be clear to you what their goals are and philosophy they adhere to.

Benefits of Doing Employee Research

The benefit of doing such research will have several benefits for you such as:

  1. It clearly sends a positive signal to your prospective employer that you have done your homework and are really interested in getting this job.
  2. You can customize your cover letter according to the company you will be going for the interview.

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For getting a job small things do make a big difference and it holds true for the way you dress as well. If you want to improve your prospects of getting the job then it will be important to avoid wearing some of the following dresses and we will discuss on common interview mistakes.

Four Typical Dresses not to wear for the job interview?

Ill Fitted Clothes:

If it’s been some time that you jobsdhamakawore that interview dress and it no longer fits then do not wear for the interview. You will not be feeling comfortable in it and it will clearly show up. You need to make sure that the dress you wear is not too short or too tight. It will be distracting apart from sending out the wrong signals.

Very Casual Dress:

Avoid wearing shorts, hats, overly patterned ties or busy printed shirts for an interview. It is better to adapt the conservative approach while appearing for an interview.

Try to Avoid Distractions:

It is better to avoid brighter patterns and go for more subtle ones. Similarly opt for neutral or dark clothing instead of neon colors. The main idea is that attention should be on you and not what you are wearing. For women it is better to tone down the jewelry they wear or make up they put on.


If we talk about accessories, especially jewelry then women need to avoid wearing something which jingle jangles and is quite distracting for any interviewer. In addition to it, avoid using strong colognes or perfumes which can be distracting as well as allergic for many people.

You may well discuss the ideal dressing requirement while the interview is being set up and dress up accordingly for the interview. This way you can be sure that nothing will go wrong.

If you are looking for more interview tips then login to Jobsdhamaka which is one the leading job portals in the country. Here you will get expert advice which will be quite useful for you at the time of interview and help you confidently approach the interviews as well as succeed in the interview.

Finding a suitable job is not an easy task and the irony is even after several hours of browsing you may fail to find a job that suits your need. This happens because most of the job portals fail to provide the details of the job in ajobsdhamaka structured manner. But when you visit the Jobsdhamaka it makes a difference because it is perhaps the only job portal where its members consisting of more than 1946000 job seekers get the benefit of more than 2800000 job options to search from about 398000 prospective employers. Remember, in spite such huge number of jobs, every detail of job and employer is structured in such a way you would certainly enjoy the search and you would get every minute detail about the job and the employer.

As reviews point out, thousands of job seekers have been benefited by taking up membership of this portal. At the same time, even employers are benefited because it has given them an opportunity to pick the right candidate for the job. This is user friendly website and every utility is menu driven so that even a person who has minimum exposure to computer can comfortably navigate through the various utilities available there.

In fact, offers various exclusive services for the benefit of the job seekers and the employers. For example, the experts of this agency even prepare the resume for the job seeker which brightens up their chances of getting a suitable job. The job seekers are provided interview tips or group discussion, personality development, leadership skill and so on. The special skill and qualification of the job seeker are abundantly highlighted so that it is easy for the prospective employer to identify the candidate he is looking for.

This job portal was started in the year 2008 in close coordination between the popular software developers, Web designing and IT solutions agency namely Voivo infotech and the Indian Trade Center. Within these five years since this job portal was started it has become one of the leading job portals in india with membership exceeding 19000000 of job seekers. In fact, this job portal is regarded as the best meeting point of job seeker, employer and also of consultants.

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